[DISCUSS] Support for Solr 6

Jerry He <jerr...@...>

Is the Solr 6 client compatible with Solr 5 backend?   Can we confirm and list the incompatibilities?
Is the Solr 5 client good and compatible with Solr 6 backend?  If yes, we have a less urgent need to go to Solr 6 in JanusGraph completely.



On Thursday, June 8, 2017 at 12:41:26 PM UTC-7, Jason Plurad wrote:
pull request have been opened for Solr 6 support. Testing is being done to determine whether this will break the existing support for Solr 5.

As sjudeng mentioned "We don't currently do different releases for any of the indexing (or storage) backends, so would it be preferable just to update to latest in the Solr/Lucene 5.x stream for JanusGraph 0.2.x releases and save the update to 6.x for 0.3.x releases? Personally I'd prefer to get everything updated for 0.2.x and keep 0.1.x as the compatibility branch." I think that sounds like a decent plan.

Is there anybody running with in production with JanusGraph (or Titan) with Solr 5?
Other thoughts or feedback on the upgrade to Solr 6?

-- Jason