JanusGraph - OLAP - YARN (Hadoop 3.x)


Hey, check if you have spark-unsafe.jar in your classpath. 



Has anyone tried to run OLAP queries on HDP 3.1, using HBase 2x with YARN?
I managed to succesfully run JanusGraph on HBase 2.0.2, but I am not able to run queries using SparkGraphComputer, with YARN. I am stuck at this error:

13:30:38 ERROR org.apache.spark.SparkContext  - Error initializing SparkContext.org.apache.spark.SparkException: Unable to load YARN support

I was able to succesfully run OLAP queries on older HDP versions for example 2.6.3, these types of errors did not occur.
If I understand it correctly TinkerPop now does not support Hadoop 3.x, meaning currently it is not possible to execute OLAP queries using YARN?