Option for "reply to sender" is too prominent

Marc de Lignie <m.c.delignie@...>

The new mailing list stimulates users to use the option "reply to sender". This means that discussions between OP and expert become invisible to other users. It also means that experts cannot answer from the webpage but have to use their e-mail client to give answers.

I would prefer to remove the option "reply to sender" or at least stop making it the default option. What do you think?

Best wishes,    Marc

Oleksandr Porunov

Hi Marc,

It definitely makes sense to prioritize "Group Reply".
I requested John Mertic to change the default option to `Group Reply`.
I'm also voting +1 to remove the option `Reply to Sender`.

Best regards,
Oleksandr Porunov

Oleksandr Porunov

The default option is now `Reply to Group`