Can a cluster of janusgraph/gremlin servers be created?

Dilan Ranasinghe <dila...@...>


We are going to start a new project using janusgraph with the Hbase as the persistence database.
Currently we are confronted with the following problems for which there is no clear answer to be found.

1) We need to run a hbase cluster and several janusgraph/gremlin server instances connected to that cluster and work on the same graph. Is this recommended? (Running several janusgraph instances pointing to a hbase cluster and updating a graph)

2) If the above is possible, does that means that there is a configuration in the janusgraph servers such that all the janusgraph/gremlin server instances in a cluster know about each other? Because as i understand, if the janusgraph instances in the cluster doesn't know about each other, inconsistencies can happen in updating data to Hbase. (for ex. For example one server adding a new node to a graph with a certain id and at the same time another server is also adding a node with the same id)

Thanks in advance.