[DISCUSS] Moving toward an initial release

Ted Wilmes <twi...@...>

That's a helpful summation of the Apache release process Taylor, thanks for that.  I say yes, we should get the process started.  I'll kick things off with a DISCUSS thread and create a 0.1.0 release branch that we can work out of.


On Saturday, March 25, 2017 at 2:01:30 AM UTC-5, Samik R wrote:
On hosting the zip file, I think we should just use the github hosting. It's easy and comes bundled with github, so why not use it?

On 23-Mar-17 5:03 PM, sjudeng wrote:
The process you describe sounds good to me. I would call out tests specifically in there somewhere. For a JanusGraph release I think this should include running the full TinkerPop test suite before the candidate release is generated. Also some of the configuration/process could be manual for the initial release and then simplified/automated for the second release.

I'm really interested in getting master freed up for post-initial release development. But this could happen in parallel to release preparation once we create the release branch. Given there has been some discussion here on features to include (#80, #159, #132), can we start with master as it is now and then start the discuss thread in parallel? In the discussion I hope we can keep focus that this is an initial compatibility release only. Then hopefully we can agree that any new features, even those with complete PRs, can wait for the second release. There's nothing saying that the second release can't happen a month after the first.

If this is acceptable I'd like to get started at least with testing (which takes 2-3 days) as soon as possible. Once the tests are confirmed good hopefully others can help out with the documentation (changelog, etc.) updates and definitely to serve as the RM to actually tag and push out the release artifacts. Again in my opinion we could do some of the configuration/process steps manually the first time and then simplify/automate them later maybe as part of the second release. Is this approach too aggressive?
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sjudeng <sju...@...>

Thanks for creating the branch. I'm starting working through TP tests now. You might consider changing the branch name to 0.1-SNAPSHOT or jg01 or something since presumably it would service all potential 0.1.x releases and also to avoid confusion with the eventual 0.1.0 tag.