Grant all JanusGraph PMC members with necessary rights

Oleksandr Porunov <alexand...@...>

There are multiple problems which I see which are not yet resolved:
1. We don't own the domain `` that is why we can't recover accounts for Docker Hub and  maven nexus (sonatype I assume). 
2. Not all PMC members have access to janusgraph-cla emails that is why they can't review new signed CLAs which causes huge delays.

For the first issue there are 2 possible solutions which I see:
1) Somehow ask people to manage necessary services or grant necessary people with necessary rights. It would be a good solutions but based on these issues it is hard to tell if current authorities will be able to make necessary changes anytime soon:
2) Register new domains just for Docker Hub and Maven and grant all PMC members with possibility to manage the domain. It isn't perfect solution because users might be confused why we use `` for the main site and `someotherdomain` for maven repository but at least this solution will work. I already registered 5 free domains in : janusgraph.(tk / ml / gq / cf / ga) and setup forwarding to ``. I will be able to change the email to shared group email by janusgraph PMC members (if it exists or create a new one) and any PMC member will be able to change the password and share it with other members. 

For the second issue there are again 2 possible solutions:
1) Wait till the issue "" is resolved.
2) Make another google group to accept CLAs and grant all PMC members with the access to this group. Make email forwarding from the new group to the "janusgraph-cla at".

I propose to wait 1 week for each issue to be resolved by the 1st solution. If those issues are not resolved we can move to a second solution.

What other community members think about this issues and solutions?