High Severity Bug related meta properties - When trying to load graph , meta properties are not being set on vertex properties , bug found , it required fix for this blocker

Ramesh Babu Y <ramesh...@...>

Florian Hockmann <f...@...>

The developer list is only meant to discuss development of JanusGraph and not to report a bug or suggest a feature. You already created an issue for this in our issue tracker: https://github.com/JanusGraph/janusgraph/issues/1996 so you don't have to repeat this here again.

To copy what I wrote on Gitter where you also tried to bump this:

JanusGraph is a community driven project so if meta properties in a custom vertex program are an important feature for you, then you can contribute this yourself. Otherwise you'll have to wait until someone else with knowledge about this part of the code base wants to work on this. But that won't happen any faster by spamming the issue on every possible channel and by tagging specific people. This is actually considered kind of rude and therefore won't motivate people to help you.

Am Dienstag, 3. März 2020 13:22:21 UTC+1 schrieb Ramesh Babu Y: