JG+HBase question: ColumnFamily vs vertex, edge, property and label

Demai Ni <nid...@...>

Dear JG dev, 

I have a native/simple question but couldn't 'google' out its answer. I have JG+HBase setup. And once load the 'hbase,properties', I can see a HBase table called 'janusgraph' created which contains 9 columnfamily, with default name 'e','f','g','h','i','l','m','s','t'.  So far, I only can confidently say that CF 's' is for configuration data. 

My simple question is: how to map HBase-CF to its data(such as vertex, edge, property and label)? 

for example, when a new Property added, looks like we have a new row in 'e' and 'g'; when a new vertex added, looks like we have some data in 'e' and 'i'. But I cannot find the doc to confirm or clarify this. 

Can someone point me to the doc or code so I can dig into it? 

And my 'real' question is: to understand the implementation(on HBase) of this doc : http://docs.janusgraph.org/latest/data-model.html

Any pointers are appreciated very much.