mixed index - Reindex is very slow


Hi we have imported around 4 billion vertices in janus graph.
We are using big table and elastic search

reindexing speed is very slow..around 2000 records per second
is there any way to speed it up?


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Did you try to use the mapreduce way of reindexing?


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Regarding the code lines of the mapreduce index:
// Run a JanusGraph-Hadoop job to reindex
mgmt = graph.openManagement()
mr = new MapReduceIndexManagement(graph)
mr.updateIndex(mgmt.getGraphIndex("mixedExample"), SchemaAction.REINDEX).get()

As far as I know this runs on your local machine and all dependencies are present in the JanusGraph distribution. In other words, no need for an hadoop or spark cluster for this. 

Cheers,     Marc