Question for JanusGraph experts about architecture and design for our application.

Bob van Luijt <b...@...>

Hi all,

We are working on a decentralized knowledge graph called Weaviate, and JanusGraph plays an important role in our software. We have a few people working on JanusGraph and they have some questions that they would like to ask a JG-expert (mostly related to architecture and design). These questions go a bit further than questions that would fit in one-off forum questions, therefore my request: Is there anybody in the community that would be open to discussing, brainstorming, and helping out with the questions that we have?

Many thanks in advance.

Needless to say but just to make sure, we also have some budget available if somebody is willing to invest some time and help us out with a brainstorm session.

If this is not the right place to ask these questions, my apologies.

deng ziming <dengzim...@...>

I also want to get some design document of JG, if you have got some ,please share to us, thanks in advance.