returning json from the gremlin cli

Chris Hupman <chris...@...>


In the print schema PR, A user asked about returning json instead of a text table. It wouldn't be difficult to return all the data as a String formatted as json and I can just add it in a follow-up PR.

In a more general sense does anyone see a downside to adding a toJson() method with a return type of String to classes? In the cases where there's support this can be accomplished by using GLVs to deserialize objects, but I feel like giving users an easier way to work with objects would be nice. Really it would be like using propertyMap(), but having it formatted in a way users could directly using without reformatting. After a year of using JanusGraph I generally know how to get data into the format I want (typically JSON), but if this option had existed when I first started I would have found it to be a lot more approachable.