v0.5.2 inmemory storage backend via Java

Jan Jansen <faro...@...>


 We moved the inmemory component in their own project called janusgraph-inmemory. 
Probably we should update the upgrade instructions for JanusGraph 0.5.


On 13. Jun 2020, at 00:14, ryss...@... wrote:

it seems there is an issue with the java code in version 0.5.2 causing me to be unable to use a storage.backend=inmemory as a config for my testing.
using in memory backend via gremlin-server.sh works just fine.
I dug a little deeper and it seems in the java code there is a StandardStoremanager class which tells the janusgraph factory where to find the implementation class for whatever storage backend the user provided. For in memory it tells the factory to find the implementation at "org.janusgraph.diskstorage.inmemory.InMemoryStoreManager" but that class cannot be found in the code (class not found error and I cant find it myself in github or on the javadocs). That class exists in older versions of the code. 
If this is a bug Im really surprised Im not seeing more people ask about it which makes me think I am probably doing something wrong. Please help if you can.

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