Re: Low-hanging fruit for JanusGraph


> 2. Provide a well documented migration path from Titan 1.0

Have you already migrated your Titan 0.4 code over to Titan 1.0?

-- Jason

On Thursday, January 19, 2017 at 4:10:13 PM UTC-5, Austin Sharp wrote:
Hi all,

extremely excited that JanusGraph is out into the world! I have been working with Titan since 0.4.x and have been hoping for a long time to see new maintainers so that bug reports, pull requests, etc don't go unheeded.

There are a few long-standing Titan issues that would be easy for JanusGraph to pick up and run with, to immediately differentiate from the existing Titan codebase and give people like myself the excuse we're looking for to migrate over! I suspect others have their own wishlists, so I'd encourage everyone to chime in.

A few of my personal ones:

1. Update to newer versions of dependencies (Guava 21, Cassandra 3, ElasticSearch, etc).
2. Provide a well documented migration path from Titan 1.0
3. Keep up to date with Tinkerpop (I know this has been a stated goal elsewhere)
4. Handle supernodes better, for instance by streaming - i.e., when traversing over edges, don't pull all edges in from Cassandra at once. This is my personal bugbear - we keep having to change our schema and use indices or properties when edges are by far the best fit for the model, because Titan can easily blow through the Cassandra frame size even if you set up vertex partitioning to split adjacency lists, among other issues.

Excited to see where things go, and hopefully I can switch to using JanusGraph ASAP!

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