Re: How to persist data on system reboot

Jerry He <jerr...@...>

I am not sure what storage model you use for HBase on AWS.
If you are using this:
There is a section 'Shutting Down and Restoring a Cluster Without Data Loss'.
Basically you want to flush the hbase table before you shut down the cluster.  This is specific to this storage model for HBase on AWS.
I don't see why it happens on your local machine. The above step is not really needed on a local machine.
Try bringing up the 'hbase shell' to see if the data is persisted by running a 'scan' or 'count' on the janusgraph table.  Run a 'flush' on the table.  Then see if it endures a reboot on you local machine.



On Monday, March 27, 2017 at 8:26:03 PM UTC-7, pikachu wrote:
Yes I am able to run all operations successfully. I tried on on both AWS server and my local machine. AWS server stores hbase data in s3, and I configured the local machine to point to a directory in /home.  
Is there anything I missed to persist data after reboots?

g.V() always returns empty after reboot

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