Re: Scala 2.10 vs. 2.11 build of Janus?

Jason Plurad <plu...@...>

The Scala dependency is defined via Apache TinkerPop. JanusGraph is aligned currently with the TinkerPop 3.2.x branch, which is using Scala 2.10.5 (and Spark 1.6.1). Scala 2.11 (and Spark 2.0.2) is coming with TinkerPop 3.3, but there isn't a schedule in place for that yet.

I'm not aware if anybody has attempted to build JanusGraph against TinkerPop master branch, but I imagine there would be some work involved for any breaking changes.

On Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 8:30:15 AM UTC-4, rajdeep.singh wrote:

    We are using Scala 2.11.8 in our project but Janusgraph build seems to use scala 2.10.(5/6?) libraries.

 We are wondering if there is near future release (perhaps through maven) with scala 2.11?

 If not, wondering if you already tried that and faced some issues.

We are facing compatability issues in using libraries specific to scala 2.11 such as logging when we try to use an older (several years old in fact) version of scala 2.10.6?


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