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 We TeamGraph @ TimesInternet are using JanusGraph v0.2.0 (upgraded from Titan 1.0.0) backed by Apache Cassandra version 3.0.9 as our primary database. Following is a brief description of our topology.

Total Number of Nodes:  43.9+ million
Total Number of Edges: 164.8+ million

We have deployed JanusGraph embedded in our applications which are serving around 0.6 million requests per minute from one of the datacenters responsible for serving most of the end user requests. These are all read requests. This data center is using 10 physical machines for Apache Cassandra setup with the following configuration:

RAM Size = 64 GB,
Cassandra HeapSize = 16 GB with G1 GC
Drives = 2 SSD drives of 450 GB each out of which 420 GB from each is being used for Cassandra Data.
No. Of Cores = 40 Cores

In all our graph size on each of the data center is around 270 GB and overall cluster size (which includes 5 different datacenters) is around 1.4 TB. Our total cluster size is 68 nodes (may increase further as per the needs), inclusive of all datacenters and racks.

We have integrated JanusGraph with ElasticSearch for third-party indexing and Spark for analytics processing. The JanusGraph library is embedded in our web application, which is running on Tomcat-8 and Apache/2.4.6. This web application is running on commodity VM's (VMWare) 30 nodes each with 12 cores, 16 GB RAM, 8GB as heap size & G1 as GC. All of our machines are running on CentOS-7 (3.10.0-327.10.1.el7.x86_64).

We have also been actively involved in posting solutions, asking questions and filing JIRAs related to JanusGraph, some of the instances are as follows:
We want to get our logo and name mentioned on website as production users of JanusGraph at & 

A brief about the TimesInternet is as follows:

About Times Internet
Times Internet, India’s largest digital consumer company, owns and operates 30+ properties. Its media portfolio spans news, music, sports, and video, with leading positions in each segment. Times Internet further engages its audiences across a suite of transactional marketplaces, in segments such as real estate, personal finance, education, jobs, table booking, and more. With over 250 million monthly consumers who spend nearly 80 billion minutes per month on its properties, Times Internet is the largest reaching and highest engaging digital ecosystem in India. All of the news sites managed by Times Internet are running on Graph database - JanusGraph. Some of the news sites are as follows:

and many more ...

PS: Our company logo is inserted in this mail above. It's already transparent and fits well directly in page without any edits required. Our company's website is Please let me know if any more information or changes are required.

TeamGraph @ TimesInternet

On Saturday, May 27, 2017 at 2:59:33 AM UTC+5:30, Misha Brukman wrote:
Hi Anurag,

I started a list of companies using JanusGraph in production; you can see the current list here: (and the logos at the bottom of and more additions are on the way.

They appear to be happy with JanusGraph, but I'll let them chime in if they want to provide any additional details.

BTW, if anyone else is a production user of JanusGraph, please get in touch with me and let's get you added as well!


On Wed, Apr 5, 2017 at 12:28 PM, anurag <anurag...@...> wrote:
Many Thanks to the folks who were involved in setting up JanusGraph project . We are using Titan as GraphDB for a Beta feature , the reason our feature is in Beta is we were not sure where Titan is headed. Now that we have JanusGraph we would like to move to it, are they are any users of JanusGraph in production if so can you please share your experiences with it.
Many thanks.

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