index could no longer be used

Jhon Mernio <jzi...@...>


   I'm using titan with hbase and elasticsearch, all was ok at first, but yesterday when I was searching as usual, it worn 
   Could not find a suitable index to answer graph query and graph scans are disabled: [( contents = hdfs)]: EDGE
   like below:

gremlin>  index=mgmt.getGraphIndex('message') 
>  index.getIndexStatus(mgmt.getPropertyKey('contents')
>  g.E().has('contents','hdfs').values()
Could not find a suitable index to answer graph query and graph scans are disabled: [( contents = hdfs)]: EDGE

 the index was a mixed type index, using elasticsearch backhand 
 this is very strange, because in fact the index does exist, and before today, all queries alike this was ok.
 and when data inserts into the database, I could see the increase of indexed data num by using elasticsearch count API

 and the flowing query is ok

 gremlin>  graph.indexQuery("message","e.contents: hdfs").edges()

 Anyone have any idea about this problem?


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