Re: Query Execution

HadoopMarc <m.c.d...@...>

Hi Karthik,

The query execution is carried out by the JanusGraph instance, see

The JanusGraph instance can be your own application with JanusGraph dependencies (embedded operation), the gremlin console or the JanusGraph/Gremlin server. The JanusGraph instance on its turn depends on TinkerPop.

Cheers,    Marc

Op woensdag 25 januari 2017 15:55:57 UTC+1 schreef karthik tunga:


I was wondering if the execution of a single query/traversal is on a single node or is the execution distributed across nodes ? I understand that the storage is distributed across many machines with HBase/Cassandra, but how is the execution of the query handled ?

I am new here, so please excuse my lack of knowledge. 


- Karthik

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