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We are using JanusGraph in production where I work (for about 1 or 2 weeks now, before that we used Titan) and I know other companies that still uses Titan in their production environment. So far, rock solid. Not a single crash or weird bug found in production environment, and we do have a considerable number of users.


On Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at 12:20:09 AM UTC+9, Jason Plurad wrote:
Hi Collin,

I'm not aware of what "level of testing and rigor that went into the 1.0 release of Titan". The version is just a number, and I wouldn't get too hung up on it if you've tested it in your own environment and you're satisfied with its capabilities. I know of several projects that put pre-1.0 versions of Titan into production.

As an open source project, I think that JanusGraph's goal is to encourage everybody in the community to get involved testing releases while they are being developed. Nobody knows your environment and your needs more than you do! There are directions in the source code repository on how to run the test cases. Release candidates are announced and voted on via the dev mailing list, and anybody in the community is welcome to provide feedback. And feedback is exactly what JanusGraph needs from the community to continue evolving.

That being said, the first release of JanusGraph largely the same code as Titan 1.0. There was work done renaming classes and packages plus several dependency version uplifts, namely TinkerPop, HBase, BerkeleyDB. If you're looking to migrate an existing Titan 1.0 deployment, you should be aware of #228 which already has a fix from Alex. I'd look for a fix release on the 0.1 branch to arrive sooner than the 0.2 release (or whatever the next release is numbered).

-- Jason

On Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 7:24:14 PM UTC-4, Collin Scangarella wrote:
Hey all,

We're pretty excited about Janus over here and are considering switching over in the near future (I'm actually trying out OLAP with hadoop 2 as we speak). I'm normally quite hesitant to put very early releases into production (I never would have done that with the 0.1.0 of Titan) but since Janus is a fork from Titan I have a feeling that it'll be much more stable than most software at this point in the lifecycle. I want to reach out to the community to see if janus's 0.1.0 release underwent the level of testing and rigor that went into the 1.0 release of Titan. Does anyone have any insight into this?


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