Re: HBase ScannerTimeoutException

HadoopMarc <m.c.d...@...>

Hi Joseph,

If you want to process all vertices (map operation) you need an OLAP query (currently only works for readonly tasks):

If you want to filter the total set of vertices, you need an index on one or more properties of your vertices:

What do you want to accomplish apart from looping over the vertices in your graph?

HTH,   Marc

Op donderdag 11 mei 2017 16:18:50 UTC+2 schreef Joseph Obernberger:

Hi All - I'm using a loop to do a task on all vertices in fairly large
graph (million+ nodes), and the operation that I'm doing takes some
time.  I'm getting a
org.apache.hadoop.hbase.client.ScannerTimeoutException 20091230ms passed
since the last invocation, timeout is currently set to 60000.

Is there a better way to loop through all vertices besides something like:
JanusGraphTransaction vertTrans = graph.newTransaction();
Iterator<Vertex> vertices = vertTran.vertices();

while (vertices != null && vertices.hasNext()) {
//do stuff


Thank you!


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