Re: Indexes stuck in INSTALLED status

Ajay Choudary <aja...@...>

@Brandon, I also got the same issue in 0.2.0 
And tried the steps in your answer, it worked for me as well.
But no clue what went wrong earlier. 

Strange coincidence is first tried `m = graph.openManagement()` in failed scenario and `mgmt = graph.openManagement()` used later   :')


On Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at 1:05:15 AM UTC+5:30, Brandon Dean wrote:
I've been struggling with my indexes getting stuck in the INSTALLED status with no apparent way to get them out of that status.  After much frustration, I started with a completely fresh install of JanusGraph 0.1.1, left the configuration as is, and then followed the steps from the documentation exactly to create a new composite index.  I was able to successfully create my index and it moved into the REGISTERED status and then the ENABLED status after issuing a REINDEX command.

1490727 [gremlin-server-session-1] INFO do not currently have status REGISTERED: name=ENABLED

I then attempted to follow the documentation to delete this same index using the following steps:

gremlin> :remote connect tinkerpop.server /opt/vdp/janus/conf/remote.yaml session
gremlin> :remote console
gremlin> m = graph.openManagement()
gremlin> i = m.getGraphIndex('byNameComposite')
gremlin> m.updateIndex(i, SchemaAction.DISABLE_INDEX).get()
gremlin> m.commit()

Rather than moving to a DISABLED state though, my index is now back in the INSTALLED state and I am unable to move it to REGISTERED or DISABLED.  I've tried issuing additional commands to DISABLE or even REGISTER the index but they all time out and the status never changes from INSTALLED.

gremlin> m = graph.openManagement()
gremlin> i = m.getGraphIndex('byNameComposite')
gremlin> i.getIndexStatus(m.getPropertyKey('name'))
gremlin> m.rollback()
gremlin> m.updateIndex(i, SchemaAction.REMOVE_INDEX).get()
Update action [REMOVE_INDEX] cannot be invoked for index with status [INSTALLED]

I'm currently the only user on this server.  I've performed rollbacks just to be certain and insured that there are no other open instances.  Anytime I issue an awaitGraphIndexStatus it times out and the status never changes.  What's the proper way to get this index to move out of the INSTALLED status?  Alternatively, what might be blocking that from occuring if it is supposed to happen automatically?

gremlin> graph.getOpenTransactions()
gremlin> graph.tx().rollback()
gremlin> graph.getOpenTransactions()
gremlin> graph.openManagement().getOpenInstances()
gremlin> graph.openManagement().awaitGraphIndexStatus(graph, 'byNameComposite').call()
Script evaluation exceeded the configured 'scriptEvaluationTimeout' threshold of 30000 ms or evaluation wa request [graph.openManagement().awaitGraphIndexStatus(graph, 'byNameComposite').call()]: sleep interrupte

Any help for the new guy (me) would be very much appreciated!

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