Re: Bulk loading CPU busy

CGen <new...@...>

I put Vertices in Map. This was the reason for frequent equals calls.
I removed this.

Now hot spots is:

java.lang.Object.hashCode[native] () (6,1%)
org.janusgraph.graphdb.internal.AbstractElement.equals (Object) (5,3%)[native] ( (4,9%)

вторник, 23 мая 2017 г., 10:41:15 UTC+3 пользователь CGen написал:


I need to load CSV files into JanusGraph with a size of 1.7 gigabytes.

How can I increase the load speed? 

I added to the config:

I have almost no access to the disk, but the CPU is always busy.

In the profiler, the hot spot is: org.janusgraph.graphdb.internal.AbstractElement equals (8%).

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