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If it's an index query, it should use the index backend. If it's mid-traversal, it will likely use a geo predicate which uses spatial4j [1].  ES, solr use lucene. Lucene also uses spatial4j.  So I think in the end everything uses spatial4j.  And they all also use JTS [2] to some degree.

The Java Topology Suite (JTS) is currently required to use line, polygon, multi-point, multi-line and multi-polygon geometries. JTS is not included in JanusGraph distributions by default due to its LGPL license. Users must download the JTS JAR file separately and include it in the classpath when full geometry support is required. [3]


Robert Dale

On Wed, Jun 7, 2017 at 1:44 AM, JZ <zamb...@...> wrote:

(1)   Was looking at the GEO facilities, does someone know what algorithm or approach is used by the implementation for GEO location calculations?

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