Time series modelling help needed...

Ravikumar Govindarajan <ravikumar....@...>

I need a help in time series modelling, with Cassandra as the backend storage...

Consider a model as below

                      Has many                                   Which Report
Domain         ----------------->   Sub-Domains     ----------------------->   Traffic_Stats  

Lets say that each Traffic_Stats vertex has a time component

1. For domain="abc" and sub-domain="xyz", get all traffic stats ordered by time descending, limit 10
2. For domain="abc", get all traffic stats ordered by time descending, limit 10 

Will an Edge Index on time linking Sub_Domain & Traffic_Stats satisfy the first-query? 

What about the second query? Should I create duplicate edges from Domain to Traffic_Stats with same Edge Index on Time? 

Also, is it the case that even if I use an Edge Index, Janus will pull all the data in memory & do the sort? In the fictitious case of a Domain having 10k Sub-Domains with each reporting 50k Traffic_Stats, it could be prohibitively expensive

Any help is much appreciated, as I am just beginning with JanusGraph

Thanks and Regards,

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