Low throughput on Janus vs Neo4j (Tuning issues?)

Carlos <512.qua...@...>

So I've been evaluating JanusGraph on a single machine that is also hosting a Cassandra instance. It seems that I am unable to achieve the same throughput that other users here seem to have. Currently we are using Neo4j as we are able to achieve a much higher throughput, but at the cost of being able to scale out.

I did some queries against both Janus and Neo4j through a WebSocket conneciton and timed the requests. Neo4j consistently performed much better than Janus. In our actual test setup we were able to get Neo4j to push 600 calls/second while Janus could only manage at most 50 calls/second.

With Janus I did set up indexing and expected improvements which I did not see. Attached above are the Janus configuration files I am using as well as the timed queries from Janus and Neo4j.

I am using Janus 0.1.1 on a machine with 24 GB of ram and a platter hard drive. Additionally I attempted to move Cassandra's data store to a RAM disk thinking that my platter drive was a bottleneck to no avail.
What is exactly going on with my setup that is causing this issue?

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