Janus Graph as replace for NOSQL database in Web Applications for non-bulk randomly generated data

Jane <shabs...@...>

Can I/Has anyone use Janus Graph as a replacement for NOSQL databases in web applications? I'm talking about high throughput on both reads and writes (non-bulk, randomly generated by user traffic). A lot of examples that are getting tossed around here are just a bunch of people exporting their data from somewhere else and bulk importing it into Janus Graph for analysis. 

It seems that a blocking issue for me with Janus Graph is that for it to remotely even perform decently it requires an index and schema to be pre-generated for the data set. With my use case it is simply not possible to determine everything that a user might want to possibly upload to the database and hence why we use a NOSQL database. However, the data is also highly relational and would benefit from being stored in a graph database. 

Has anyone gotten over this hurdle or have any advice? 

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