Re: how to load a CSV file into janusgraph

HadoopMarc <m.c.d...@...>

Hi Elizabeth,

OK, another resource I dug up by searching for CSV on the gremlin user list:

Translation to JanusGraph should be straightforward.

HTH,   Marc

Op woensdag 21 juni 2017 11:15:51 UTC+2 schreef Elizabeth:

Hi Marc,

Thanks so much for your information, however, I was wondering is there any complete code example about how to use 
"bulk-loading" in Janusgraph without Hadoop?

Thanks again!

On Thursday, June 15, 2017 at 9:59:10 PM UTC+8, HadoopMarc wrote:
Hi Elizabeth,

For JanusGraph you should also take into account the TinkerPop documentation. A relevant pointer for you is:!searchin/gremlin-users/csv%7Csort:relevance/gremlin-users/AetuGcLiBxo/KW966WAyAQAJ

Cheers,    Marc

Op woensdag 14 juni 2017 18:44:16 UTC+2 schreef Elizabeth:
Hi all,

I am new to Janusgraph, I have dived into docs of Janusgraph for almost two weeks, nothing found.
I could only gather the scatted information and most of the time it will prompt some errors.
Could anyone supply a complete example of bulk loading or loading a CSV file into Janusgraph, please?
Any little help is appreated!

Best regards,


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