Re: MapReduceIndexManagement reindex not completing successfully

Nigel Brown <nigel...@...>

I should add that I get the same results from the simple example from the docs with a couple of nodes only
// Open a graph
graph ="")
g = graph.traversal()

// Define a property
mgmt = graph.openManagement()
desc = mgmt.makePropertyKey("desc").dataType(String.class).make()

// Insert some data
graph.addVertex("desc", "foo bar")
graph.addVertex("desc", "foo baz")

// Run a query -- note the planner warning recommending the use of an index
g.V().has("desc", textContains("baz"))

// Create an index
mgmt = graph.openManagement()

desc = mgmt.getPropertyKey("desc")
mixedIndex = mgmt.buildIndex("mixedExample", Vertex.class).addKey(desc).buildMixedIndex("search")

// Rollback or commit transactions on the graph which predate the index definition

// Block until the SchemaStatus transitions from INSTALLED to REGISTERED
report = mgmt.awaitGraphIndexStatus(graph, "mixedExample").call()

// Run a JanusGraph-Hadoop job to reindex
mgmt = graph.openManagement()
mr = new MapReduceIndexManagement(graph)
mr.updateIndex(mgmt.getGraphIndex("mixedExample"), SchemaAction.REINDEX).get()

// Enable the index
mgmt = graph.openManagement()
mgmt.updateIndex(mgmt.getGraphIndex("mixedExample"), SchemaAction.ENABLE_INDEX).get()

// Block until the SchemaStatus is ENABLED
mgmt = graph.openManagement()
report = mgmt.awaitGraphIndexStatus(graph, "mixedExample").status(SchemaStatus.ENABLED).call()

// Run a query -- JanusGraph will use the new index, no planner warning
g.V().has("desc", textContains("baz"))

// Concerned that JanusGraph could have read cache in that last query, instead of relying on the index?
// Start a new instance to rule out cache hits.  Now we're definitely using the index.
graph ="")
g.V().has("desc", textContains("baz"))


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