What is the best practice for saving a file in janusgraph?

Ali Aboud <ali.ab...@...>

I am developing my backend application in java using janusgraph database version 0.3.1 . I want to manage the saved files as properties for vertex in the graph.

1- Can I save images, xml files, text file, etc. in janusgraph properties?

2- Is it a good practice to save text files in string property and what about images and audios ...

3- Do big files slows down the search performance ?

I tried to save a png file in vertex property using byte array datatype it worked but I am getting now serialization exception in gremlin server when querying this vertex.

I am now saving files on hdfs and save the file path in vertex property but I discovered that hbase save file to hdfs its way so I implemented something like what hbase is doing, I guess this feature should be implemented in janusgraph to reuse the file save in hbase.

Any ideas or best practices dealing with files?!

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