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Hi Lilly,

Interesting question. For the JanusGraph backends to lookup the vertices of the subgraph efficiently, they need the id's of the vertices. The traversal is then g.V(ids) . There are different ways to get these id's:
  • store the id's on ingestion
  • query the id's once and store them
  • give the subgraph vertices a specific property and run an index on that property. I doubt, however, that this will be efficient for large subgraphs. @Anyone ever tried?
  • maybe the JanusGraph IDPlacementStrategy could provide a way to only query the subgraph vertices without knowing their explicit ids. Seem complicated compared to the first two options.
Cheers,    Marc

Op vrijdag 4 oktober 2019 17:48:52 UTC+2 schreef Lilly:


I persisted a janusgraph g1 (with Cassandra backend if that is relevant). Now I would like to persist a "view" of this graph g1, i.e. a subgraph g2 of g1 which only contains some of the nodes and edges of g1. This subgraph is to also have possess all the indecees of the affected nodes and edges.

I am aware of the subgraphstrategy, which can create such a view at runtime. Is it possible to persist this view? I would like to circumvent having to create this view all over again each time. Also, with this view created at runtime, I can no longer exploit other indecees.
If this is not possible, is there another way to achieve this?

Thanks a lot!!

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