Re: [QUESTION] Usage of the cassandraembedded

Lilly <lfie...@...>

Hi Jan,
Ok then I probably screwed up somewhere. I kind of thought this was to be expected, which is why I did not check it more thoroughly.
Maybe the way I persisted is not working well for cql.
I will try to create a test scenario where I do not have to persist all my data and see how it performs with cql again.

In principle, what I do is call this function :
public void updateEdges(String kmer, int pos, boolean strand, int record, List<SequenceParser.Feature> features){

if(features == null) {
features = Arrays.asList();

.V().has("prefix", kmer.substring(0,kmer.length()-1)).fold().coalesce(__.unfold(),
__.addV("prefix_node").property("prefix",kmer.substring(0,kmer.length()-1)) ).as("v1").
coalesce(__.V().has("prefix", kmer.substring(1,kmer.length())),
__.addV("prefix_node").property("prefix",kmer.substring(1,kmer.length())) ).as("v2").
.property( -> ((SequenceParser.Feature)t.get()).category), -> ((SequenceParser.Feature)t.get()).feature)).from("v1").to("v2")).

and every roughly 50000 calls I do a commit. As a side remark, all of the above properties possess indecees. And Feature is a simple class with two attributes category and feature.

Also I adapted the configuration file in the following way:
storage.batch-loading = true
ids.block-size = 100000
ids.authority.wait-time = 2000 ms
ids.renew-timeout = 1000000 ms

I tried the same with cql and embedded.

I will get back to you once I have tested it once again. But maybe you already spot an issue?
Am Montag, 7. Oktober 2019 20:14:29 UTC+2 schrieb fa...@...:

We don't see this problem on persistence.
It would be good know what takes longer. Do like to give some more informations?


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