JanusGraph sessions at Scylla Summit

Peter Corless <pe...@...>

Hello everyone! Though I generally just lurk and absorb everyone's collective wisdom, today I wanted to let you know we'll have a pair of JanusGraph practitioners speaking at Scylla Summit this year, November 5-6 in San Francisco:
  • Brian Hall of Expero
  • Ryan Stauffer of Enharmonic
We published a blog today regarding their upcoming talks:
JanusGraph has been a perennial topic at Scylla Summit since 2016, so I cannot be more pleased to continue the tradition of showcasing its capabilities and use cases with our audience.

Further forgive me for sounding all-too-marketing-y, but if anyone on the list would be interested in attending these sessions at Scylla Summit, feel free to use the discount code JANUSGRAPHUSERS25 for 25% off.

With that, I'll let you get back to the heart of your technical discussions. Enjoy the day!


Peter Corless
Technical Marketing Manager

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