Issue creating vertex with a List property having large number of elements

Aswin Karthik P <zas...@...>

There is a small change in last line of the python code.

Updated code

from gremlin_python.driver import client

client = client.Client('ws://localhost:8182/gremlin', 'g')

mgmtScript = "mgmt = graph.openManagement()\n" + \
"if (mgmt.getPropertyKey('name') != null) return false\n" + \
"mgmt.makePropertyKey('name').dataType(String.class).make()\n" + \
"mgmt.makePropertyKey('vl_prop').dataType(Float.class).cardinality(LIST).make()\n" +\
"mgmt.commit()\n" + \
"return true";


f = open("only_vertex.txt", "r")

create_query =


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