Problem with remote JanusGraph failing to execute bytecode with textContains and the Lambda function

chrism <cmil...@...>

I am trying to execute Java code:

g.V(491552912).repeat(__.out("job")).emit().has("staff", Text.textContains('chrism"))
.sideEffect(Lambda.consumer("it is having any code here") );

having exception  returned as:

javax.script.ScriptException: groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: 
No signature of method: static org.apache.tinkerpop.gremlin.process.traversal.P.textContains()
 is applicable for argument types: (String) values: [chrism]"

This part of the query works well:
g.V(491552912).repeat(__.out("job")).emit().has("staff", Text.textContains('chrism'))

this lambda code is also working well, and doing the job on the server, with my closure inside,
g.V(491552912).repeat(__.out("job")).emit().sideEffect(Lambda.consumer("it is having any code here") );

they simple do not work together.... it is enough to add any lambda: function, predicate, map,... to fail 
already working query, when having fundamental request to search for text by JanusGraph extensions to Tinkerpop,...

Can you offer us some hints please?

Cheers, CM

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