Re: keyspaces in JanusGraph

David Pitera <piter...@...>

Hey Peter; as Ted said you can define which keyspace you connect to using the appropriate configuration property when defining your graph's .properties file.

Also be aware of this PR which will allow you to create new graphs dynamically (i.e. post server start) and store/manage configurations for these graphs through the ConfigurationManagementGraph API, where the configurations for your graphs are persisted rather than stored on disk in .properties files.

The PR also introduces the notion of a `Template_Configuration`, which should be useful in your case. If are _always_ connecting to one Cassandra cluster, then you can define that appropriate configuration (sans the keyspace parameter), and then call `ConfiguredGraphFactory.create("<graphName>")` to dynamically create and connect to a new graph whose keyspace would be equivalent to "<graphName>". For more specifics, about how to use the `ConfigurationManagementGraph` and `ConfiguredGraphFactory` you can look at the documentation I've written for it in that link.

On Wednesday, June 28, 2017 at 11:52:04 AM UTC-4, Peter wrote:
Hi All,

Cassandra allows definition of multiple keyspaces.  I am using nodejs w/GremlinClient module (npm install gremlin-client) to handle query execution.  Although I know how to set up a keyspace, it is not clear to me how to initialize gremlin client to use a specific keyspace.  Is there a programatic way of selecting a namespace, or is it only possible when loading gremlin-server with specific configuration file.



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