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Hi John,
Your assumption about different types of graph object for OLTP and OLAP is right (at least for JanusGraph, TinkerGraph supports both). I remember examples from the gremlin user list, though, where OLTP and OLAP were mixed in the same traversal.
It is no problem to have a graph1 and a graph2 graph object simultaneously. This is also what you do in gremlin-server when you want to serve multiple graphs.

Cheers,    Marc

Op zaterdag 15 juli 2017 00:24:25 UTC+2 schreef John Helmsen:


It seems that we have two graph classes that need to be created:

The first is a standardjanusgraph object that runs a standard computer. This is able to perform OLTP data pushes and, I assume, standard OLTP queries. It, however, does not interface with Spark, so SparkGraphComputer cannot be used as the graph computer for its traversal object.

The second object is a HadoopGraph object that can have SparkGraphComputer activated for its associated traversal source object. This can perform appropriate map-reduced OLAP calculations, but wouldn't be good for putting information into the HBase database.

Is this accurate, or can we create a graphtraversalsource that can perform both the OLTP data inserts and utilize SparkGraphComputer? If not, could we create both objects simultaneously? Would there be conflicts between the two if there were two simultaneous traversers?

On Thursday, July 6, 2017 at 4:15:37 AM UTC-4, HadoopMarc wrote:

Readers wanting to run OLAP queries on a real spark-yarn cluster might want to check my recent post:

Regards,  Marc

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