Merging two graphs.

Gwiz <feed...@...>


I have an in-memory Janusgraph instance and I would like to merge that with my Cassandra/ES based graph. What is the best (efficient) way to do this?

When I merge, I don't need to insert the vertices that are already in my Cassandra/ES based graph. I know which vertices in the in-memory graph exists in the Cassandra/ES based graph. 

I don't see any Java API to take a Vertex (or list of Vertices) from one Janusgraph instance and add them to another. All I see is the following:
  • addVertex(String)
  • addVertex(Object... objects)
My original plan is to insert the new vertices from in-memory graph into my Cassandra/ES based graph, get the IDs back and use them to insert Edges.

I appreciate any help.


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