Re: CQL Pooling Options and its configuration in JanusGraph

Patrice Le Manach <plem...@...>

any reason storage.cql.max-remote-connections-per-host, is fixed ?

On Monday, 1 April 2019 19:47:33 UTC+1, sac...@... wrote:
Hello, added support for CQL Connection Pooling option, but the performance options like storage.cql.max-remote-connections-per-host, storage.cql.max-local-connections-per-host etc are all marked as FIXED. This means, we cannot check and change these numbers to tune our ingestion once the graph is initialized.

Is there a particular reason for making them fixed? Wouldn't MASKABLE or at least GLOBAL_OFFLINE options be better?

Also, CQL PoolingOption provides a few other tuning parameters like MAX_QUEUE_SIZE to accomodate a surge. Please provide your thoughts.


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