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Fellow traversers!

For the last 3 years at Savvi, we've been doing our bit towards reifying the Universal Graph Theory[1] by building extremely high-fidelity Graphs for our telecoms customers. These graphs span the gamut from active physical infrastructure (the modem at your home, copper cables, sheaths, segments, pits, pillars and so forth, the DSLAM, the rack, the chassis, the line card, the SFP, the ethernet cable... on and on it goes...), to the logical constructs on top (virtual circuits, trunks/LAGs, satellite beam apertures etc.). We then annotate that structural graph with time-series data (link utilisation, for example) - yes, we store this in graph, although hopefully not for too much longer! - as well as rendering more ephemeral data such as incident tickets, alarms/alerts as well.

We've been running Titan 0.5.4 in Production since January 2015, and we even worked with the Aurelius team in the background in the early days (at least until they were snarfed up by Datastax!). Since then we've been progressively adding more and more fidelity to the graph as new datasets became available to us.

Despite initial teething problems with Titan (principally around HA/DR), Titan has been rock solid for us, running in a mission critical environment and powering a number of applications. 

One of the more interesting ones is real-time field force optimisation, whereby our automatons will identify common infrastructural elements across incidents, and migrate a field engineer to look at that element as opposed to visiting a number of households. This kinds of application of the graph is extremely valuable, and yet took us just 2 months from concept to Production - possible only because of the expressivity of the Gremlin/Groovy language (80% of that application is an - admittedly very complex - Gremlin query).

A big thank you to all of the Tinkerpop, Titan and now JanusGraph developers for contributing to this awesome project and keeping it stable amidst a large amount of change!

We are naturally now in the process of migrating to JanusGraph, and expanding our use of Graph into a number of other areas as well.

I'm poking my head out as we're now looking for more Graph wizards to join our team, and I thought some of you may find the above interesting even if you're not looking for work - hopefully I won't be hung, drawn and quartered for advertising as a result ;)

If you'd like to come play with us, please take a look at the role[2] and either apply or fire an email to firstc...@....

Happy to discuss any of the above on here too. Thanks!


Best Regards,

Jay Fenton (@jfenton / skype:jfenton)
Founder & CTO, Savvi Inc.
Level 3, 455 Bourke Street
Melbourne CBD, VIC, Australia

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