I'm starting a new startup big project, should I use Janus as main database to store all my data?

Augusto Will <pw...@...>

I'm thinking about learn Janus to use in my new big project but i can't understand some things.

Janus can be used like any database and supports "insert", "update", "delete"  operations so Janus will write data into Cassandra or other database to store these data, right?

Where Janus store the Nodes, Edges, Attributes etc, it will write these into database, right?

These data should be loaded in memory by Janus or will be read from Cassandra all the time?

The data that Janus read, must be load in Janus in every query or it will do selects in database to retrieve the data I need?

The data retrieved in database is only what I need or Janus will read all records in database all the time?

Should I use Janus in my project in production or should I wait until it becomes production ready?

I'm developing some kind of social network that need to store friendship, posts, comments, user blocks and do some elasticsearch too, in this case, what database backend should I use?

Thank you.

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