how can I connect an anonymous traveral to a regular traversal in

shapeshifter <shapesh...@...>

Sorry if something like this has been answered elsewhere (hard to know what to search on).

I have a pretty simple traversal (albeit with a slightly messy projection step) that looks something like this:

g.V(root).out().order().by(id).range(1000,2000).project("v","e").....)  // project step omitted for brevity

As you can see, it uses range for returning paged results. However, on the first results page only, I need to return the total vertex count of the graph too. I've got this working using something like:

g.V(root).out().union(identity().count(), identity().order().by(id).range(0,1000).project("v","e").......)

This works fine for my needs. I've been able to translate this to c#/ and successfully run and parsed the results.

The problem is there a chunk of duplicated code in doing so, namely the order and projection step that I need on both versions of the query but in different places.

Given that I have the 'core' part of the traversal, effectively:
coreT = g.V(root).out()

I only know how to implement it somelthing like:
if (page == 1)
.Union<object>(__.Identity().Count(), __.Identity()                        
.Order().By(__.Id()).Range<GVertex>(Scope.Global, low, high)
.Project<object>("projectedV", "projectedE")
// etc.
.Order().By(__.Id()).Range<GVertex>(Scope.Global, low, high)
.Project<object>("projectedV", "projectedE")
// etc.

I know I can create the .Order()....Project()... part as an anonymous traversal:
var suffix = 
                      __.Order().By(__.Id()).Range<GVertex>(Scope.Global, low, high)
                      .Project<object>("projectedV", "projectedE")
// etc.

Question is, can I append this to the existing 'core' traversal as if I had added it using fluent syntax? I want to be able able to reduce my code to something (VERY ROUGHLY!) like:
if (page==1)
vertexTraversal.Union<object>(__.Identity().Count(), __.Identity() + suffix)
vertexTraversal .= suffix

Is this even possible?

I appreciate that some people will try to suggest an alternative solution to my paging solution, and while help is always appreciated, I would like to improve my understanding of by finding out if appending/merginf traversals is possible.

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