JanusGraph server vs. embedded mode.

Manoj Waikar <mmwa...@...>


What is the recommended approach of working with JanusGraph? Should one - 
 (a) Setup Gremlin (JanusGraph) server and submit Gremlin queries to the server? Or,
 (b) Embed JanusGraph inside the application and use the native Java API to execute queries against the graph within the same JVM?
So, what are the pros and cons of running a JanusGraph server and then connecting to it vs. directly connecting to a data store using JanusGraphFactory.open() method?

Also, in the Appendix A. API Documentation (JavaDoc), it is mentioned - 
We strongly encourage all users of JanusGraph to use the Gremlin query language for any queries executed on JanusGraph and to not use JanusGraph’s APIs outside of the management system.

Does it mean, that only for creating schema should we use the JanusGraph’s management APIs and for everything else, use Gremlin?


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