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HadoopMarc <bi...@...>

Hi Anumodh,

Interesting question. Using ConfiguredGraphFactory without gremlin server is relevant when you build your own REST endpoints for a graph application.

While the ref docs may not address this use case, the javadocs for ConfiguredGraphFactory seem pretty self-explanatory. Did you checkout the following example graph properties file:
including the line:

What was the point where things became unclear?

Best wishes,     Marc

Op zaterdag 25 juli 2020 om 01:08:07 UTC+2 schreef a...@...:

Hi JanusGraph team,

We are exploring the possibility of janusgraph in our company. We are planning to use dynamic graph creation/deletion using ConfiguredGraphFactory. We have deployed 2 janusgraph instances. Our plan is to write java library to creating, deletion and other management activities like Index creation etc . I haven't yet found a way to create/delete a graph using java apis by using ConfiguredGraphFactory.

From my investigation, only way to do so using by connecting to gremlin server and sending string commands like 
 - ConfiguredGraphFactory.create(graphName)
 - ConfiguredGraphFactory.drop(graphName)
Is this the only way to create/delete graph? Please adivce.


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