Re: Janusgraph Authentication cannot create users

sparshneel chanchlani <sparshneel...@...>

Thanks it worked for me.


On Sun, Jul 26, 2020 at 2:20 PM HadoopMarc <bi...@...> wrote:
See the section "Credentials graph DSL" in:
So, you instantiate the CredentialsDB GraphTraversalSource using:

credentials = graph.traversal(CredentialTraversalSource.class)

where graph is the JanusGraph instance holding your CredentialsDb (the TinkerPop ref docs refer to TinkerGraph which is not applicable here).

HTH,    Marc

Op maandag 20 juli 2020 om 12:04:20 UTC+2 schreef spars...@...:
Also are there any other ways of creating users??

On Monday, July 20, 2020 at 3:29:54 PM UTC+5:30, sparshneel chanchlani wrote:
I am actually trying to add authentication to Janusgraph. I am actually referring the link below
below is may credentials DB config:

storage.hostname= 10.xx.xx.xx
storage.port= 9042
storage.username= cassandrauser
storage.password= cassandrapwd

Actually when i start the gremlin-server the creds_db and the graphDB creates successfully. The issue, i am not able to create the credentials using Credentials(graph) groovy script, i am trying through gremlin-consle see below.

 g1 ='conf/gremlin-server/')
gremlin> creds = Credentials(g1)
No signature of method: groovysh_evaluate.Credentials() is applicable for argument types: (org.janusgraph.graphdb.database.StandardJanusGraph) values: [standardjanusgraph[cql:[]

Actaully the groovysh_evaluate script does not support standard graph as parameters. What should be my for cassandra??


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