EdgeId and RelationId using VertexWritable

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Hi Everyone,

I am using the VertexWritable class of Janusgraph to fetch the data via Spark as below:
val rdd0: RDD[(NullWritable, VertexWritable)] = spark.sparkContext.newAPIHadoopRDD(hadoopConfiguration, classOf[CqlInputFormat], classOf[NullWritable], classOf[VertexWritable])

val rdd1: RDD[VertexWritable] = rdd0.map { case (x, y) => y.asInstanceOf[VertexWritable] }

When I use rdd1.map(x => x.edges(Direction.IN)), I get the tinkerpop Edge and the edge.id() returns the relation ID (e[2571][4184-lives->4112]). How do I get the edge Id ==>e[1zf-388-b2t-368][4184-lives->4112]?

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