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Karol <karol....@...>

I haven't managed to setup graph.set-vertex-id=true but for anyone using microsoft's gremlin plugin for spring data, add @GeneratedValue to the id field:

class Foo(val name: String, val age: Int? = null, @GeneratedValue val id: Int? = null)

Then the insertion should succeed:"test", 123))

Tho still, it'd be nice to know how to set the value of properties of FIXED level. Any tips will be appreciated.

środa, 16 września 2020 o 14:45:19 UTC+2 Karol napisał(a):

Hi all,

I'm trying to setup janus so that it works with spring data gremlin plugin

In order to do so I have to setup the variable graph.set-vertex-id=true as mentioned here

here's the config I'm using:

$ pwd
$ cat conf/ | grep -e '^[a-z]'

So it clearly is set to true in the config file I'll be later using. Here's how I start the server:

$ bin/
# console starts here
gremlin> graph ='conf/')
gremlin> mgmt = graph.openManagement()
gremlin> mgmt.get("graph.set-vertex-id")
gremlin> mgmt.set("graph.set-vertex-id", "true")
Cannot change the fixed configuration option: root.graph.set-vertex-id

I'm aware of mutability levels as well as the fact that the property I'm trying to set is of level FIXED and can't be changed once the db is up. The thing is I'm unable to change it no matter what I do.

There's a probably working solution posted already here but janus in this case is embedded and I want mine to be on a dedicated jvm.

Any ideas how to accomplish that?


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