Re: Memory leak in janus graph

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Hi Sowmia,

Please read the following issue and see if you can add to the discussion (core developers will see your remarks) or find any workarounds:

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Op donderdag 8 oktober 2020 om 20:01:39 UTC+2 schreef Sowmia J:

Hi, i'm running a java app which runs a janusgraph server and connects to a cassandra db as it's backend storage.we started seeing java heap issue and GC causing OOM exception.
we analyzed the dumps and found that cache vertex objects was filling up the memory causing OOM exception to occur.
To fix OOM issue many people suggested consider adding frequent commits.I tried that and it was working fine for some days and again we started seeing this issue.
By adding frequent commits, i started seeing other issues as well like java.lang.IllegalStateException: Vertex with id 1234 was removed while trying to save a vertex.
Can someone please help me how can we avoid this memory leak issue.Any help would be much appreciated.

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