Re: Import graph from ConfiguredGraphFactory to hbase

HadoopMarc <bi...@...>

First note that the BulkLoaderVertexProgram was deprecated in TinkerPop. You might want to see:

For working around your issue you can consult the API docs.

The getConfiguration() method gives you a configuration Map:

The BulkLoaderVertexProgram.builder class has a writeGraph(Configuration) method. Of course, you need some juggling to get the Map into the Configuration object.

HTH,   Marc

Op donderdag 22 oktober 2020 om 15:14:50 UTC+2 schreef mor...@...:

Hello everyone, we want to test some OLAP queries for our requests,and, as far,as I understand, to do that, graph needs to be exported to Hadoop.

* janusgraph-0.5.1, hadoop-2.10.1

Currently we access out graphs using'graphName') and our graph uses configuration listed below:


Now, to load graph to Hadoop,I am trying  to do something like this (using defaut Hadoop/spark  load configuration file

<gremlin console>
:plugin use tinkerpop.spark
graph ='conf/hadoop-graph/')
blvp =<need to choose specific graph from ConfiguredGraphFactory here>).create(graph)                graph.compute(SparkGraphComputer).program(blvp).submit().get() graph.close()

But I have no idea how to access specific graph from factory here, because writeGraph() takes configuration file as input

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