Recommendation for Storage Backend

Bassem Naguib <bass...@...>


I am looking into using JanusGraph for a new multi-tenant SaaS application. And I wanted to ask the community for help on choosing a suitable storage backend for my use case.

We need to have as much data isolation as possible between tenants. In our previous projects with similar requirements, we used a relational DBMS with a database-per-tenant isolation strategy. So I assume, in the JanusGraph world, it will be graph-per-tenant?

Also we know that a single tenant's graph will never grow too big to fit on one server. But we may need to divide the tenant graphs between multiple graph DB servers.

We do not care very much about dividing the DB server resources equally between tenants. So the "Noisy Neighbor" problem is not a concern.

Finally, we are looking for minimum read and write latency. And as close to ACID transactions as we can get.

I would love to hear you guys' thoughts about suitable storage backend(s) for this use case.

Thanks in advance!

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