Re: Where does JanusGraph Stores Indexes in ElasticSearch

HadoopMarc <bi...@...>

Hi Krishna,

The documentation is not conclusive about this, but I strongly suspect that the vertex-centric indices do not use the indexing backend. That means that they use the tables in the storage backend, like for the composite indices.

Best wishes,    Marc

Op donderdag 29 oktober 2020 om 07:43:41 UTC+1 schreef kri...@...:

Hi Folks,

Currently i am using JanusGraph with Cassandra(cql) backend along with ElasticSearch for indexing. we have created few janusgraph vertex-centric indexes through janusgraph. Queries of janusgraph is working fine. when i try to get indexes from ElasticSearch through below query i cannot found the indexes created for janusgraph.

how can we find the janus graph indexes data in ElasticSearch?
where the indexes data is stored in ElasticSearch?

Krishna Jalla

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